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Clive Levinson

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Heller Murch RealtyClive Levinson Estate Agent
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The Latest Metro Vancouver and Canada Housing and Real Estate News

1 dead following mobile home fire north of Lindsay in City of Kawartha Lakes

Around 1:20 a.m. Thursday, emergency crews were called to a fire at a home on Park Street in the Joy Vista Estates, just north of Lindsay.

Global News  in the last hour
A Big Bank Sent Traders A Christmas Poem About The Bank of Canada’s Inaction

No, you didn’t accidentally eat the wrong brownie from the freezer. One of Canada’s biggest banks actually sent traders a Christmas ...

Better Dwelling  12 hours ago
Half of Canadians under 30 have given up on owning a single-family home: survey

The vast majority of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 28 worry they will not be able to afford a home in their city of choice thanks ...

CTV News  15 hours ago
Rezoned for condos by Vancouver council, Cambie site now selling at $28.8 million. Listing says “no affordable housing”

Arno Matis Architecture successfully filed the rezoning application on behalf of Cambie Terra Development Ltd.

The Georgia Straight  15 hours ago
The Bank of Canada Held Rates and Dropped A Fib About Buying Government Bonds

Canada’s central bank didn’t do much today, but they did give us a new Tiff-ism for Christmas. The Bank of Canada (BoC) made no ...

Better Dwelling  18 hours ago
Home staging still very important in hot markets

One person in this industry, Gregg Dickson, says buyers sometimes make their decision on a purchase within 30 seconds.

The Georgia Straight  18 hours ago
Gen Z is eager to get into the housing market and they want single-family homes

Watch: Don Kottick, CEO of Sotheby’s Canada, talks about Generation Z's housing aspirations

Financial Post  1 day 1 hour ago
Vancouver's approved 2022 budget includes a 6.35% property tax hike

Vancouver City Council has approved a $1.747 billion operating budget for 2022 with climate action and public safety being key ...

Daily Hive  1 day 10 hours ago
Canada’s Highly Indebted Households Are About To Feel The Pinch From Rising Rates

One of the world’s largest economies is handcuffed to over-leveraged home buyers. An analysis from Oxford Economics looks at two rate ...

Better Dwelling  1 day 11 hours ago
Canadians Are More Indebted; Low Rates Did Not Improve Real Estate Affordability: BoC

After decades of telling the public that low rates make housing affordable, Canada’s central bank is declaring, whoops! Bank of Canada ...

Better Dwelling  1 day 19 hours ago
The US Treasury Plans To Crackdown On Money Laundering Through Real Estate

If you’ve been laundering money through US real estate, you might encounter a few hurdles soon. Today the US Treasury’s Financial ...

Better Dwelling  2 days 9 hours ago
Canadian Mortgage Debt Hits 71% of GDP, Growing 2x The Rate of The Economy

Canadians are going all-in on housing, as it’s increasingly seen as a low-risk asset. As debt grows faster than the economy, the ratio ...

Better Dwelling  2 days 14 hours ago
East Vancouver lot with a “not habitable” home listed below assessment and sold for $1,225,000

The property at 3439 Fleming Street was damaged by fire.

The Georgia Straight  2 days 19 hours ago
Toronto and Vancouver Rank Amongst The Worst Cities For Immigrant Incomes

Most immigrants in Canada find themselves in just two major regions, and those regions also happen to pay them the worst. Statistics ...

Better Dwelling  2 days 21 hours ago
Toronto councillor pushes for speculation tax to cool 'insanity' of escalating real estate prices

As real estate prices soar across Ontario, a Toronto city councillor is poised to introduce a motion asking the province to bring in a ...

CBC News  3 days 4 hours ago
This Week’s Top Stories: The Bank of Canada Only Sees 2 Real Estate Bubbles, and The US Is Now In A Bubble

Time for your cheat sheet on this week’s most important stories.  Canadian Real Estate  The Bank Of Canada Only Sees 2 Real ...

Better Dwelling  3 days 17 hours ago
Douglas Todd: Is Canada's central bank afraid of reining in the housing monster?

Opinion: Is it nervous about igniting a recession by tackling a business it considers too big to fail?

Vancouver Sun  3 days 21 hours ago
Canada’s GDP Is Recovering More Slowly Than Other Economies: BMO

The Canadian economy is recovering slower than its peers despite elevated inflation. BMO chief economist Douglas Porter indexed the GDP ...

Better Dwelling  4 days 19 hours ago
The Bank of Canada Needs To Halt Stimulus, Or It Will Jeopardize The Recovery: NBC

The Canadian economy is quickly going from a recovery to overstimulated. That was the take from the National Bank of Canada (NBC) today, ...

Better Dwelling  5 days 13 hours ago
David Rosenberg: Housing heads the myriad vulnerabilities facing Canadian households

The Canadian recovery story remains unhealthily vulnerable to the precarious real estate market

Financial Post  6 days 3 hours ago
Fraser Valley real estate supply remains low amid sustained demand

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board recorded 1,972 sales across all property types last month, an increase of 1.8 per cent compared to ...

Vancouver Sun  6 days 15 hours ago
Reverse mortgages rise in Canada as stigma fades

Watch mortgage broker Leah Zlatkin walk us through how reverse mortgages work

Financial Post  6 days 18 hours ago
Douglas Todd: Ontario should follow B.C. on housing

Analysis: Prices have risen everywhere, alas, but B.C. has a better record than Ontario for tempering them.

Vancouver Sun  6 days 19 hours ago
Policymakers should examine new housing data before proposing solutions

The disparate acts of governments in the past have lacked consensus on the measures needed to resolve various housing challenges

Financial Post  7 days 18 hours ago
Hotel at centre of tug of war amid Salt Spring housing crisis

B.C. Housing has been renting the hotel’s rooms on a three-month basis since the start of COVID, but the deal expires Dec. 31, and ...

Vancouver Sun  12 days 15 hours ago
Douglas Todd: Why more housing supply won’t solve unaffordability

Opinion: Five reasons this superficial solution to combating house price escalation often doesn't work

Vancouver Sun  12 days 23 hours ago
Housing shortage 'becoming more and more of a crisis'

Watch: Realtors say Canada's housing inventory is lowest they've seen

Financial Post  16 days 1 hour ago
Laneway homes decrease real estate value in affluent Vancouver neighbourhoods: study

New research may help policy-makers and planners understand "NIMBYism" and just how density affects the housing market in affluent ...

Vancouver Sun  16 days 13 hours ago
The trouble with vacant home taxes when trying to fix housing supply issues

Construction of thousands of new dwellings is needed to properly address the gap in supply and demand

Financial Post  20 days ago
Review of blind-bidding in B.C. real estate market to look at rules elsewhere

B.C.'s Ministry of Finance is studying options for legislation on real estate sales that it plans to introduce next spring.

Vancouver Sun  23 days 13 hours ago
Three years in, has B.C.'s speculation and vacancy tax made a difference?

Rental rates in Metro Vancouver have fallen recently but remain high and housing prices continue to rise.

Vancouver Sun  24 days 18 hours ago
Province extends deadline for filings to 'hidden ownership' real estate registry

Lawyers say the law was complex and guidance from the government on interpreting the law was insufficient

Vancouver Sun  26 days 9 hours ago
David Rosenberg: Our ranking finds Canada second frothiest housing market in the world

Exercise caution investing in the Canadian dollar, New Zealand kiwi and Swedish krona

Financial Post  27 days 3 hours ago
Home ownership becoming out of reach in B.C. suburbs that were once affordable

With B.C. home listings at historic lows and prices climbing even higher, the quest for affordable housing is taking some buyers beyond ...

Vancouver Sun  27 days 14 hours ago
Homes for sale in B.C. at an all-time low

Data from 10 real estate boards across the province paints a picture of rising prices, high demand, and low supply.

Vancouver Sun  27 days 17 hours ago
Surging bond yields point to rising mortgage rates ahead, industry watchers say

Existing home owners could face sensitivity to rising rates, with about $350 billion worth of mortgages set for repricing in the next year

Financial Post  31 days 2 hours ago
Real estate agents debunk posts about Meng Wanzhou's Shaughnessy mansion

"People are making up all kinds of stories, but (the houses) are not for sale." — Realtor Bob Cheng

Vancouver Sun  31 days 13 hours ago
Surrey condo development to include centre for treating veterans and first responders

"We are getting closer every day to being able to serve our veteran community in our brand new facility. Hopefully by next November ...

Vancouver Sun  31 days 15 hours ago
Douglas Todd: People are moving from other provinces to B.C., but avoiding Metro Vancouver

Analysis: "We have had lots of people from Alberta and the East cashing out and moving to Nanaimo," says the mayor. Meanwhile, Metro ...

Vancouver Sun  31 days 22 hours ago
False Creek South fights to keep affordable homes in an unaffordable city

Residents battled city hall and stopped the area's redevelopment plan. They will lobby for a new plan to include more affordable homes.

Vancouver Sun  33 days 16 hours ago
Banks more vulnerable to economic shocks due to decline of government-backed mortgage insurance, Moodys finds

Wind-down in government stimulus support expected to result in uptick in mortgage delinquencies

Financial Post  36 days ago
Despite the criticism, it's possible blind bidding for houses might be good for you

Switching to open bidding in a hot real estate market could further exacerbate price escalation, says one recent report

Financial Post  37 days 21 hours ago
Looking to buy or sell a cottage? It may be more complicated than you think

Fall is the perfect time to consider whether you want to buy a cottage next spring or get ready to sell one you already own

Financial Post  41 days 4 hours ago
Office real estate may be struggling, but there are bright spots in commercial real estate

Industrial real estate has emerged as an unexpected saviour, with leasing volumes rising across Canada

Financial Post  48 days 19 hours ago
Homebuyers' migration to small towns is far from over

Watch: Royal LePage's Phil Soper on the real estate market and the revival of small and medium towns in Canada

Financial Post  50 days 21 hours ago
Attention snowbirds! Here's what you need to know about living down south during a pandemic

Watch: Jason Heath, managing director at Objective Financial Partners, talks about considerations snowbirds should take

Financial Post  56 days ago